Tuesday, 21 April 2009

"I love romance!"

afternoon tea!

positively bucoliccolour-coordinated

fingers crossed, all is not lost

Yesterday Kevin and I had afternoon tea at a posh tea shop. I've been wanting to do that for years now, even though it's incredibly quaint and Jane Austen-ish. When I found out that it was actually possible to get cucumber sandwiches and scones and all that jazz in Vienna, I just waited for the right opportunity to try it. It was so good! Yum. I've had such lovely days in general, having afternoon tea provided the perfect end of the Easter holidays. Now I'm back on my own, back at university, back to work.

PS: The tree and I were colour-coordinated and I didn't even notice when we took that picture!


  1. ach wie schön! scones will ich auch unbedingt einmal probieren!!! wo ist denn dieses teehaus?

  2. Schönbichler in der Wollzeile, war echt fein! Gibt's immer von Mo bis Fr ab 13h.

  3. woaw, how nice is it to be coordinated with the trees !?? :D