Thursday, 5 March 2009

posting letters

Whenever I'm blue, I "go back to safe places", or that's what I like to call it. It basically means doing things that have always worked for me, i.e. read old favourite books which I loved when I was little, watch films that I've seen a hundred times, eat comfort food (mashed potatoes...), stuff like that. So if you see me reading Harry Potter for example, you can be sure that I'm having a rough time in real life.
Today I once again watched the funny old videos from when Franz Ferdinand were recording their second album. They used to put up a lot of weird stuff on their website, my favourite is the video above in which they ride their bikes to post a letter. It's sort of silly, but it never fails to cheer me up. And it's not as silly as the one about throwing axes....

1 comment:

  1. oh the excellence!
    gehts dir mies? wenn du gesellschaft brauchst können wir uns jeder zeit treffen und comfort food essen! oder ähnliches.
    komisch eigentlich, wenn's mir schlecht geht, will ich immer NEU NEU NEU. ich muss wo hin wo ich noch nie war, ich muss mir die haare färben. ich muss mir MINDESTENS die nägel in einer anderen farbe lackieren. solche dinge.
    ich schätz es sind einfach zwei grundverschiedene aber doch ähnlich nachvollziehbare reaktionen auf das gleiche problem.