Wednesday, 4 March 2009

of uncertain use

Strange place

They didn't know a thing about the past!

I bought a hat in Glasgow which makes me look quite eccentric really, especially when paired with my mum's old coat. It was a bit strange to be in a place where everyone seems to be really polished, everyone actually wears the latest "trends" and loads of make-up and I was in my mum's old boots and a coat which she got second-hand from a friend's friend. I felt a bit out of place, especially when at night all the girls used to run around in their high, high heels with no coat or cardigan on whereas Kevin and I were freezing in our jackets and scarfs and hats and gloves. Even though I felt so self-conscious all the time, I got the weirdest compliments by the weirdest people, i.e. two waiters concerning my (pale blue) nails (what??) and an old museum guard who told me he "liked my style" and to "be encouraged". It was ever so strange!!


  1. You're just as stylish as girls with high high heels. I'd take big coats, scarves, and gloves over being cold in heels any day.

    I just started reading your blog and I love it! You deserve those quirky compliments.

  2. Thank you!! (I never know what to say when somebody says something nice, I do hope "thank you" is enough.)