Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hello there. Just now I realised that I've sort of stopped saying "Dude!" either in my head or out loud during the last week which is slightly disconcerting.
I've been in Edinburgh and tomorrow I'll be leaving again which doesn't really make me happy even though the tea is actually better at home and I'm not scared of people/public transport assaulting me. There are J.K. Rowling signs here though, and dozens of photo opportunities of Kevin looking absolutely DISGUSTED because there's Glasgow/men's toilets'St Andrews in the background.

I wish I could stay at least until Thursday where an event described like this will take place: "Come along if you like: a) eclectic, non-playlisted indie music, b) a selection of delicious Jamaican or Indian lager, c) posters with drunk badgers on, or d) dancing! If you're not a big dancer, don't worry, we have a smoke machine. We can shroud you in mystery so nobody sees."

Nice one!

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  1. come back come back come back you're sorely missed.