Sunday, 15 February 2009

have you decided to talk to me?

my favourite place

I highly recommed this song, it is epic. Someone buy me an album of theirs! Yesterday I tried to explain the joy of old indiepop to someone who prefers Deep Purple. It was quite impossible. You can't explain the joy of a fuzzy guitar pop song to someone who likes guitar solos.
The second picture not only captures my favourite place in Vienna, there's also the bike which my friend built himself. I admire him endlessly for that.


  1. Nice! Reminds me of the Cure. I'm not sure why. Not because of the voice, of course.
    I keep hearing them everywhere these days.

  2. Magical little tune, thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome song. who can't love indiepop?! although saying that my boyfriend doesn't...