Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The weather is shit, water shouldn't be allowed to turn into slush, it's pretty terrible. The days have been way too short lately, they've been packed with work both at university and the museum. Stress is replaced by waiting and vice versa. When there's nothing to be done, I'm always waiting.
I've been folding paper planes all weekend. Today I blew bubbles and dressed up as a sailor.
My Greek is getting better and I'm getting A's on the grammar exams. I bought new headphones because I'm never home and I want to hear every single beat, every keyboard note. When I don't listen to Franz Ferdinand, I listen to a female voice repeating Greek texts about post offices and weekdays ad infinitum.
Yesterday I ran into a lecturer and told her my feet were cold when she asked me how I was doing, so she told me to forget about the library and go sit in her office instead.
I might have figured out what I want my diploma thesis to be about. There's still time, but I talked to my professor about it and he seemed to be superenthusiastic, talking about challenging me and doing something difficult.
It might be a symptom of being way too tired and strung out, but I do love Lily Allen's latest single. Whenever I can't think clearly, I'm drawn to pop music it seems. The video's pretty though.

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