Wednesday, 3 December 2008

boy meets girl

Cecilia Mendez in Elle Girl Korea. The photographer is Louis Park whose work I really like. I found this again on mixologies today and was delighted: Favourite model + fab photographer + short hair = awesome!!! I want those hair accessories, especially that blue bow. Oh, I never have trouble thinking of things I want for Christmas.

The title "Boy Meets Girl" is funny as well for two reasons: I was enticed to do a weird quizz which told me that a) I am a "generous artist" (not really) and b) 56% masculine and 32% feminine. One of the boys, indeed. "Boy Meets Girl" is also the title of Ali Smiths last novel which I read in Oslo this summer. It's about Inverness, the corporate water industry, boys who look like girls doing girls who look like girls like the Blur song.

I am still ill. But my dad's on TV tonight, I hope they'll show Raoul Schrott and everyone who watches who's the boss. (Hint: Raoul Schrott ain't the boss.)

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