Sunday, 30 November 2008

We've All Had Better Days

Home seems to be more fun that ever before these days. There's a lot of singing (even if it's either the Baywatch theme or some silly popsong), laughing and cake and everyone is supportive. It's good. On Thursday I felt stupidly happy in a I-am-grinning-and-skipping-down-the-street sort of way for the first time since September I think. I'd had a funny conversation with my father and a serious conversation with my professor. These things combined made me want to hug people.
The appointment with my professor lasted for more than an hour and in the end she said, "Shall I reward you with tangerines?" So I was rewarded with tangerines. I'm not exactly sure what I was rewarded for, but I do love tangerines and the talk made me feel hopeful and happy about the future.

Then I met Cat who is now the owner of a second-hand fur coat. It felt funny to walk down the street with her, I bet people thought we were super-rich and eccentric. We did get the window seats in the restaurant. She looked more like a countess than on this picture:

The Countess

And for the first time in my life, I was as tall as she is:

Keep it clean

Thank you, shoes, I love you.
Anyway, we ate and drank and then we walked into a perfume shop and suddenly a random man came over and asked Cat if she liked a particular smell. So she said it was nice enough and he said, "Weeellll, that smell is YOU. Naive and carefree and happy, that's what you are! This fragrance really fits you!"
That was strange. He wasn't even working there, he was just Who knows a lot of things about perfume.

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