Monday, 17 November 2008

That's ok walk away

Favourite place in the museum? Ah yes, definitely. If you've been up there with me, consider yourself appreciated. It's quite something to share. I like coming here on weekends when there's nobody about - it's a level which can only be accessed by people working there and obviously only tour guides and technicians are around on weekends. In the summer it's unbelievably hot and in winter it's cold, but you're also really close to the sky and you can hear the sounds of the museum muffled through the glass. Lovely.
I had a rough day at work though - spoiled, rich children are NOT my favourite. But just as I was walking home Stephan called and we had tea. Stephan must be the friend I've invented the biggest amount of nicknames for. In fact, when I talk about him to other people they don't know him by his Christian name.
Anyways, we bitched about life and drew up plans concerning flats with seperate entrances and ingenuous ways to keep economy students from paying for my tea. It involves jackets with bullet holes and the sentence, "The jacket belonged to the last guy who tried to chat up this girl. Look at the bullet hole." Fab!
Then he said that my hair was obviously modelled on his hair.

Seperated at birth, obviously. Always suspected it. You wish, kiddo!

Uuuugh, don't you just wish you were Stephan on the picture above? Well, I was there and I can tell you that wish is justified. I want to be on top of a tower overlooking the forrest and Vienna, I want it to be summer and I definitely want those chocolate cookies right now! That tower is closed during the winter, it's cold, there's no sun, but I'm going to stuff myself with loads of cake tomorrow.

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