Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Today was a day made for storytelling. We went to the archive where it was impossible not to feel humbled by the past. We looked at the document that started World War I, we held it in our hands. It was awesome. Stories were told about documents that made us laugh and frown. One of them featured pornographic photographs.

I love W.H. Auden. It seems perfectly impossible to get bored with him. There are the songs, the love poems, simple and pleasing, sure. And then there are poems that seem so profound that you keep thinking about them, on and on. At the moment, though, I like this one best: But he frowned like thunder and he went away.


  1. Hmm ... ist das das Gedicht, das bei Velvet Goldmine zitiert wird?
    Ich tu mir so extrem schwer beim Zuordnen der Dinge, die mir bekannt vor kommen.
    Ich muss mehr Lyrik lesen!
    Hast du am Freitag Abend Pläne? Wenn nicht, kommst du mit ins Kino?