Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Full speed ahead!

Todays's xkcd is brilliant in so many ways. Kids, do you know who Ron Paul is? Reading the TIME-magazine obsessively finally pays off when reading web comics... Ron Paul is amusing. Please consult wikipedia to find out why "Ron Paul Revolution" is hilarious.

Another weird encounter with a Greenpeace-person got me thinking about appearances today. The young girl came up to me and said, "Oh, you look so nice and friendly! Let's talk!" It was Greenpeace-speak, alright, plus I was wearing a red hat and orange socks which probably makes me look both cute and young, but being adressed as "nice" did come as a surprise. I mean, it reminded me of a conversation with my brother yesterday when I told him that people seem to think of me as a sort of upbeat, bubbly personality and he said, "They know fuck-all about you then." Implying that it's a pain to live with a grumpy old man like me of course!

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