Wednesday, 27 August 2008

If We Just Want To

you said you are like a sun-coloured flower
as we were out walking on a spring day for just one hour
then i asked you if it meant i was yellow too
and you said no, you're like the sun. it shines about you

we were drinking wine in the middle of the day
and you said here's to you, today is your birthday
then sun was reflecting in your eyes in a million ways
and i haven't felt so good for at least 115 days

we went to the movies, for a film or two
i cried at the ending, as i always do
i might be crazy or at least totally cuckoo
but we can fly to the moon and then back
if we just want to
if we just want to
if we just want to

Juni Järvi - If We Just Want To

Pictures by The Daily Nice, Ryan McGinley, Tara Darby and Lina Scheynius. Juni Järvi's song is quite wonderful and I think you should listen to it. It sounds almost exactly like a Jens Lekman tune, but in a very good way.

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