Sunday, 3 August 2008

and she makes a face like she owns the place

Today I listened to "Hurley's Having Dreams" by Belle and Sebastian about fifty times and dressed up accordingly. That song is quite incredible, really.

Then I cycled to my favourite café and bought cake for the whole family. They packed them in the company's pink paper. Pink like my clothes. cycling home, I passed the first advertisment for the upcoming elections. It's so ridiculous that I couldn't resist taking a picture, I'll show this one to my grandchildren one day and tell them to take a close look at the tie. It's knitted!


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  1. had to comment that i love how you've worn that skirt! it looks almost like a dress with the top. i have the blue version and lost one of the suspender straps for like a year so threw the other one away, then found it! not happy!