Saturday, 5 July 2008

last nite...

My brother Konstantin arrived two hours late and everybody began howling his and my name.

Last night we celebrated the end of the football exhibition I worked at. All the students who were supposed to keep an eye on the visitors and explain how certain things work got together to have a drink or two. I keep spending more and more time with some of them, especially those I worked with on Wednesdays. Pictures were taken which clearly show the increasing lack of sobriety. I'm cutting out all the drunk ones of the other colleagues, here are my favourites of some of the Wednesday crew.

Me, Markus, Konstantin.

Martin and Verena

Elisabeth and Katrin, Saturday people. Katrin and I have worked together for a year now and we've become real friends although we don't have a lot in common. She's very correct, very shy, very modest and has just told me on the phone that she came home at six in the morning today and had to be at work again at 9.30. Hahaha!

I look so much like my mum. Konstantin looks stoned and happy.

Lovely Martin and lovely Verena. Martin is usually the one who cracks jokes all the time, but yesterday he was quiet. Proof that alcohol affects everyone differently. Some people started singing, most started grinning and being more friendly than usual and everyone said that we'd all be friends forever.

Haha. Martin and my "boss" Thorsten who was wearing a Ben Sherman shirt apparently intending to impress me. Thorsten is sort of the coolest boss you could think of. At this point everyone was already singing football songs and telling odd stories.

Yeah. That's Thorsten in a nutshell.

Planning a trip to Iceland. Or to a lake in Lower Austria, who cares.

Lovely wine. Markus had cut off his very long hair that day which turned him into a completely different person!

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