Sunday, 13 July 2008

Jeg elsker...

1 ... this hilarious photo from Siggelicious. I do love random messages on walls.

2 ... Cecilia Mendez, a model who's hair makes me want to cut off mine. Again! These pictures make me drool.

3 ... dressing up for a theme. When my friend Stephan and I meet, we always seem to have elaborate plans that include a proper styling. Last time it was rock'n'roll, so I dressed like a Swedish boy. This time we made blueberry pancakes, so I dressed up as a 50s housewife/cute girl. I felt incredibly awkward posing for this picture, as you can see.

Complete with red lipstick and a pink bow. It felt strange, I guess I'm not that cute after all.

4 ... being on a tower in the middle of the forrest at sundown and looking down on the city. "The whole city is your jewelry box." It's also, well, interesting to see that the good old police are despised even at great height.



  1. Love the dress! I really like that model's hair too.

  2. Am Montag sind wir Partysvensker.

    Ich finde diese 50s Outfit extrem schön! Das Kleid ist toll!

    Und juhu! Muxtape! Aus irgend einem Grund hat bei mir das hochladen von etlichen Liedern nicht funktioniert. :(

  3. Interessant: A Tiny Fold is auch auf meiner Muxtape-Playlist!