Thursday, 19 June 2008

good ones

When I woke up today I felt an immense rush of happiness. Yesterday I had my last presentation and my semester is almost over. The six hours at work involved eating ice-cream together - again. So this morning was destined for feeling free and weightless for the first time in months. And then I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a patch of very blue sky reflected in my window. Blue sky and a red roof.

It's impossible to feel unhappy when you see this. My brother played the b-side of "Abbey Road" by The Beatles which is precisely the music we grew up with. "Here Comes The Sun", of course, but it's all utter brilliancy! I cycled to the museum through the very quiet streets, singing "Mean Mister Mustard" at the top of my voice and watching my pink dress swirl in the wind.

Later on Max and I ran into Kevin. This might well be the most charming picture of Kevin I've ever taken.

Today I stumbled upon this bit of information in The Guardian: “The bidding for the Potter proof escalated into some serious splashing of cash, as Grant stepped in at £11,000, only to be joined by Bond man Craig. As diners held their breath the two were locked in a bidding tussle until it was knocked down to Craig, at a princely £18,000." Apparently Hugh Grant and Daniel Craig were both willing to spend a lot of money on an uncorrected proof from the Harry Potter movies. I sort of love this!

Summer holidays are starting soon and apart from the possibility to really immerse myselfs in subjects I'll have to write essays about, I already have a number of plans. Markus and I are going to take the panorama elevator to the top of the Karlskirche towers pictures above. I didn't even know you could do that! And one has to know one's own city.
The picture above was taken by Kevin at the Francis International Airport concert a couple of days ago. It was pretty amazing - a church, a blue sky, Austria versus Germany right afterwards and a great sound system.

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  1. hey,
    also das vonwegen der karlskirche hab ich auch nicht gewusst.
    sollt ich diesen sommer auch mal machen.