Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Those dancing days

Yesterday my favourite club returned to its original venue and much fun was had. We danced like loons until four in the morning. The oddest moment was possibly when a man approached me after I jumped around particularly enthusiastically during this awesome song:

It's The Rumble Strips' "Girls and Boys in Love" which is one of my very favourite songs to dance to. You just have to skip around and do a little routine with twists and attempted dance routines and stuff - even now I can't help shaking my hips and singing along. Whenever I manage to convince myself to leave the house and go out dancing I stop caring about anything else, even if that means exposing myself to ridicule or stares. As long as I can pretend to be absolutely carefree for a couple of hours, I'll do it. Luckily, Dani is a great companion in doing that.
So the song had just finished and that man comes over and starts telling me that he's been a DJ for ages and I'm wondering whether that's his pick-up line for girls or something and then he says that he hasn't seen anyone dance in such a cool way for ages and he just wanted to say thank you. And then he walked away. That was really strange and really nice all at once!

Apart from dancing so hard that my legs hurt the next day, I also like reading the comments on youtube. The last one about "Girls and Boys in Love" says, "It's awsome! It should be in the charts!" Isn't that nice?

Here are some other songs I like to dance to, songs that I'd probably never listen to at home:

"Those Dancing Days" by, um, Those Dancing Days

"Kill The Director" by The Wombats - quite simply because I rather like the chant of "This is no Bridget Jones".

If I was a DJ, I'd play "The Good Old Days" by The Lodger and then abandon my records to go dancing myself:

Brings Britpop back in a nice way!

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