Sunday, 18 May 2008

Saturday's cake

Kevin and I walked around the city. He was still in sugary shock from his birthday, but luckily I was allowed to eat apple cake in the best of caf├ęs, my favourite Aida. Sitting at the window, you see the only ugly newish building in the street. However, it already looks dated as well and there's a joke and costume shop in it, so in the end it all fits. There are pink flowers in the Aida's window.

This is my favourite place in the city right now. I sit on those steps a lot. The parked cars suggest that it's a busy, noisy square, but it's actually really quiet. Tourists don't really come here. The Akademie der Wissenschaften (the academy of sciences?) and what used to be the Old University are all located around this square, the Department for Byzantine and Greek Studies is right around the corner and the Aida is in the next street. All of this makes the chance of running into my father or other academic people I know quite likely.

Quiet little streets and big fountains. The building on the right is really nice inside.

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