Friday, 9 May 2008

Good Friday

Today was another fine May day. I cycled to university, oh how I wish I had taken pictures of the campus in the morning! As a history student I've got lectures all over the place and each one is special in a way, but the Department for East European History has a special place in my heart (how soppy!). I've spent more time there than anywhere else and wish to keep it that way. Its absolutely wonderful to get there on a Friday morning - it's located in the last corner of the campus and there are huge trees and flowers in that part and it's incredibly peaceful. Funny - the lectures are always anything but peaceful, they're intense. My favourite professor talked about Romania during the 2nd world war today, I felt a lump in my throat.
Afterwards I got a huge amount of books from various libraries, cycling from one to the other happily. Then I couldn't resist some shops.

Is it indecent to wear this? My friend Max says I should add tights, but...I'm not wearing tights in the summer! I just wanted a simple dress without ugly patterns or frills or ANYTHING, however I'm not sure if this one isn't just, well, a t-shirt.
Anyway. I cycled home, some builders whistled at me from a bridge (what the hell??) and was very happy. Nikolaus and I ate this. Apfelmus with chocolate.

Then I took a picture so he can convince girls he's pretty.

I spontaneously asked if we could go to a Heurigen which is sort of an Austrian kind of beergarden, only with wine and simple food instead of beer? Umm. That's not a good description. Anyway, there's one close to us which is really great and small and nice. They also have Erdbeerbowle which is THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD. Oh my god. White wine with strawberries and possibly sugar. So so good. It was an extremely funny evening, we just told each other anecdotes, e.g. about the time when we passed an emo couple on the street and the boy said to the girl: "Na geh jetzt sei ned so wehleidig!" ("Come one, stop whining!")

My best friends are few, but rather nice.

Today was my first day without sleeves! That bag fits everything in it, I carried about five books, the rest of my uni stuff, new underwear and t-shirts and all my usual stuff in it. Amazing. I also found out that it's possibly to cycle all the way up to my house with only one arm to steer and the other holding that huge bag. It just slows you down a bit which is good. You get to look closer at everything.

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