Friday, 18 April 2008


The albums arrived just now and Orange Juice's "The Glasgow School" was adorned with this sticker. It's a great recommendation per se. Thinking about it, I got into a lot of older bands because they were namedropped by either Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand or proper indie pop bands. I wouldn't even know about The Left Banke, Wire, Felt or any older twee bands.

Here's a new band I like: Their Hearts Were Full of Spring sounded so much like The Smiths when I first heard them that I had to laugh. However, their debut single "A Question of Trust" is really quite amazing, even if it's the most retro thing you could think of. I wouldn't mind, I can't stop listening to it. It's that sort of dramatic pop I've got a soft spot for. Here's an example of drama in the form of an excerpt from their "About Me" on myspace:

This is not music just for the fashionistas and NME readers, the young and the pretty (vacant). This is music for everyone who still remembers - or needs reminding - what it feels like to be human in a world where alienation has become just another a marketing strategy.

Forget all that - fuck the cool kids - come and join us!

Hello statement! I bet they're wearing daffodils in the pockets of their jeans.

Speaking of which, Max has asked me to sing "Everyday Is Like Sunday" at the indie karaoke with him. Umm.

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