Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I wore my fringe like...

Today I dared to put my fringe out of my face with a hairclip. The result was funny at first, but at the end of the day also slightly disturbing: Almost 100 % of the people I talked to claimed they didn't realise who I was at first. What the hell...? Sure, my hair has been about the same for some time now - the picture in the top left corner was taken at least three years ago. But it's really strange when people at work look at you strangely before saying, "Ooooh, it's you!" One of my uni professors actually ignored me and then when I passed by her for the second time she stopped me to apologise for not greeting me earlier. "You look so different, the hair..."
Honestly guys! It kind of makes me scared to ever try something new, but then again I now know what to do if I want to become a secret spy. It's like Alias, Sydney Bristow always seems to get wigs in the supermarket which turn her into A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. Maybe I'll kick some people's more delicate body parts soon.

I had a rush of euphoria today because stuff has happened in the museum and I was able to permanently change my shifts. This means no more Saturdays from ten to six, but only mornings and Wednesdays afternoons. I really wanted those Wednesday afternoons because a) it's kind of funny to work in a museum at 8 pm when there's nobody there and b) the riddle guys work Wednesdays as well. Yay!! It's funny how talks about work can quickly turn into complaints about men's need to feel like a hero from ancient times. Eww, Besch├╝tzerinstinkt!

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