Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Maps (and politics)

Today I've got a quizz for you. Can you spot what is wrong with the map above, taken from this week's Die Zeit, a rather respectable German newspaper?

When I first saw this, I giggled. Then I got confused and a little annoyed. Surely this is a joke? Everything apart from the West isn't just badly drawn or sloppily arranged, it's just wrong. I mean, Austria is located at the Adriatic Sea? Bulgaria has apparently taken over the European part of Turkey, Greece is missing Chalkidike, Serbia and Montenegro are still one, Bosnia's coast is approximately 15 times longer than it really is, there's a country next to Romania that doesn't really exist, Hungary is smaller than Austria, Macedonia is three times its actual size whereas parts of Albania are Serbian (they wish!), oh, and the borders between Norway and Russia are missing. I'm sorry, but this isn't even careless, it's just plain stupid. Sometimes I think that Infopop songs about geography really are a good idea. Bloody hell!

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