Friday, 28 March 2008

If you want me show some courage

When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be one of those days that make you feel soft around the edges, sort of blurred and quiet. I don't even drink and yet nights out make me sort of dizzy the next day. My feet really hurt from all the dancing, I should try out some other style or else things will come to a bad end. Actually, my whole body from the ribs down hurt. Loser.
So all I did was tea and books and a guided tour in the museum which I thought would be the end for my poor body, but I was rewarded with some extra praise from the teachers who seemed to have liked it.
On days like this I'm extra-thankful to my family. They have a way of being there in a nice day when you need it.

The boy who works at the information desk in the museum has asked me to come along to the theatre tomorrow which is good as I'd rather like having friends at the place I work. Also, going to the theatre with boys has always ended up interesting so far. Top three:
1) Max invited me to see Torquato Tasso by Goethe back when we were still in school. I thought it was a rendezvous so everything was very exciting, but I might have been wrong about that. Thank god!
2) Laurin invited me to the opera last winter. It was my first time, opera-wise, and not as dreadful as I expected.
3) Daniel asked me to come along to a performance of Hesse's Steppenwold in the Burgtheater some years ago. It was horrible and they played Rammstein. Fun!

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