Friday, 29 February 2008

This girl can wait

Thursday evening: Max, my brother Nikolaus and I were watching The Simpsons and waiting for our toasts to come out of the oven. The pictures are all warm and yellow and friendly which is great because this is what our living room feels like on a February evening. Half of the pictures in the background were painted by my grandfather, it's funny to be surrounded by various younger incarnations of my mother all the time. I think we look like we really belong there, and we do. Well, Max only does because he knew me back when I had crap hair and was obsessed with Jarvis Cocker's fingers and didn't let anyone touch my shoulders, ever. Funny how that has turned out, a quick grasp of the shoulder can either be the best thing you've wanted or still a truly horrible feeling of bone on bone, ugh.

Max, Kevin, Daniel and I went to a mini-festival and saw Final Fantasy and Deerhoof there. They were the only two bands I liked, the rest was either torturous (guitar solos?? nothing but guitar solos!) or plain boring. I urge everyone to watch this video in which Owen Pallett does a truly incredible cover of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy". I love it so much, I just can't stop listening to it.

We had a pretty hard time getting home after that, but somehow there are times - maybe when a hole in the universe has opened for about twenty minutes and I'm infused with alien-induced insanity a la when the aliens in The Simpsons pretend to be Bill Clinton and Bob Dole - when even sitting on a sidewalk in the cold, waiting for a bus can be enjoyable. Even if all our hopes of Kevin ever behaving like a decent, post-feminist human-being were shattered.

Today I called up Lisi, cos she's my only friend. This is a quote and therefore not necessarily true.

Her hair is a miracle. It was lovely to talk to a girlfriend for the first time in what must have been WEEKS. We sat in the Cafe Engländer, it's really nice there, can we go there more often? The waiter was of the odd Viennese sort, the overly polite, flirty sort, but it was ok. They had great Darjeeling. Walking through the city was so incredibly wonderful, ibelongthereibelongthereibelongthereyayayay. I had also been to the Greek Department today and ran into two professors, one of them said she was looking forward to having me join her seminar and the other one who is one of my absolute favourites joked about whether I missed their department so much as to turn up there in the holidays. Then he went all serious and asked if I didn't want to join the seminar I had just signed up for. It was, well, awesome to see a professor concerned with my choice in courses and therefore my progress at university. It's also nice that people know what I'm interested in - which seems to be South Eastern Europe in Greek historiography. I actually feel all warm and cozy inside when I think about this subject, something like this:

Jippie! I still fancy man in tights, though not so much men in very tight jeans. Why's that, I wonder?

Phew, this is getting long. A bright thing to end with: I dragged Lisi into a shop and bought a sharply-cut spring-coat that was reduced to half the price. I'm happy to report that it's not sack-like, but actually quite girlish! I feel I might be able to depart from my dufflecoat-sack-love when it's sunny and nice outside.

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