Monday, 11 February 2008

I spy

On Mondays I work with Oskar. This means four hours of not-even-small-talk. I like Oskar, but he tends to be very cynical and/or simply not interested in talking to me. He's great whenever I happen to have a really bad day though - when I was really depressed in summer because of a boy, he talked me through it. On the other day he likes to make fun of me whenever I take my time in getting new folders from the information desk downstairs: "You could stay down there with the blonde lad forever, couldn't you?"
To sum it up, I've got plenty of time on Mondays - no Benedikt or Katrin to talk to and not many visitors to be nice to. I tend to spy on visitors with my camera. Being on the first floor is a great advantage.

I can see the big hall from there.

There are also the old aeroplane and a satellite. Today there was a lot of action.

The aeroplane got cleaned. They moved the crane-like thing beneath it first this way, then that way. It was exciting to watch.

Cleaning personnel looking slightly lost.

The other Andreas. He does tours as well. I think he does tours as his main job. He lives in the museum. After I took the picture he disappeared in the direction of the electricity department.

I'm really starting to live here as well.

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