Monday, 18 February 2008

it doesn

I love love love the fact that the last two numbers of Questionable Content had 79 comments on livejournal even though RSS feeds don't usually get any comments. Cartoon soap opera is great.

Kevin and I watched Eastern Promises (again), it was great the second time round. Viggo Mortensen, please marry me (but only if you carry on wearing Armani suits all the time).

A woman told me today that intellectual women don't care about their clothes or their appearance in general. She was talking about the (female) director of the museum I work in whose blazer she thought too tight in a video in the exhibition. I honestly didn't know whether to be amused or offended. For one thing, the director's blazer isn't too tight, it's just short and that makes people look like they've put on weight. The woman was also wearing a fur coat, so I guess she didn't think of herself as an intellectual. I had to restrain myself from saying something rude because honestly, Simone de Beauvoir was quite well-dressed, wasn't she?

Stuart from Belle & Sebastian has apparently married Marisa, she's one of the girls on the cover of The Life Pursuit. I really like the pictures here, how cute.

Can't wait to be on the bloody plane, honestly. I'm so so so tired. Too much work.

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