Thursday, 14 February 2008


oops. I had happily forgotten that today is indeed Valentine's Day as I've been inhaling books and newspapers all day. A minute ago the nice librarian of the Byzantine and Greek Department went past (I'm in the library right now). He smiled, wished me a nice evening and then said "Happy Valentine!" He had daffodils in his hands. I wish the daffodils had been for me, they're my favourite flowers. Apart from that, I like librarians, especially when they come over to me, to me and no one else, and ask me if I'd like to take a book home and I could keep it as long as I wish. Hmmmmm. Wilkinson's "Maps And Politics" and I are going to have so much fun.

Just imagine! Books and daffodils! How very Morrissey-ish!
Books! And daffodils! And history! And Greek, too! Wow. I must say I'm impressed.

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