Thursday, 17 January 2008

Random stuff

1. There was sunshine and mild air today, I wore my cape and a skirt and felt happy. I really wanted to take my bike and just roll around, but I didn't much fancy dragging it out from the dark cellar.

2. In the tramway I listened to the most amazing coversation. Two boys who must have been about eighteen years old were talking in quite a serious way. Both were from South-Eastern Europe (which they briefly discussed) and this is important only because of the thing that made me listen in the first place: One of the boys said to the other: "Friendship is friendship. I can assist to you. That is what I can do." He said it so seriously and sincerly, he didn't say "I can back you up" or even "I'll be there for you", but he used the most wonderful words ("Ich kann dir beistehen") - the whole situation felt more like a film than real life. I get kicks out of witnessing friendships.

3. Yesterday they started playing Stereolab while I tried to pull on a dress in an H&M changing room. It made me happy and confused. Not quite as bad as when they played Jens Lekman last week, but odd enough. Then they started playing what I assume was a song from the latest Travis-album and from then on all I could think of was that it must be nice to have someone who buys you this album because he knows you really liked them when you were fourteen and that they were the first band you really got into and possibly the reason for why you like music today. The thought progressed further and turned into something really simple about love. How it must be about accepting someone exactly the way he or she is. That seems to be the key factor for me, at least.

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