Thursday, 17 January 2008


Lately I've been much more inspired by men's clothes than women's. It's so easy to dress a women and most of them still look crappy. There's always so much fuss with the necklines and the hems and the flesh showing. I like the way menswear is all about lines and structure. It's relaxing.
I suppose this current interest is rooted in the conversations with my father and brothers. I don't really talk about clothes with my girl friends because we don't have the same taste anyway, or simply because we don't look at clothes the same way. My father is all about how pants were cut in the past and what quality a shirt is and that everything should be onehundred percent cotton. He's got an eye for things. When he said he liked my new hair because he thought it all fit together, I stopped fussing about it.
My little brothers are different. Nikolaus is actually quite fussy about clothes and he already has something of a concept. He's already painfully honest and doesn't mind telling me how he thinks I look. He's good at advice.

I like:

Jil Sander is, as usual, great. I want a suit of theirs. Raf Simons must be the reason why I'm suddenly into menswear. It's all so clean and well-made! I can't stop staring. It's like geometry (strange geometry).

Salvatore Ferragamo does stuff my father would like too. Which doesn't keep me from adoring some of it, especially this one:


Alexander McQueen was apparently inspired by India which coincides with my current obsession, "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster. Hmm, I love Forster. And this pullover:

I don't get Prada though. Actually I thought it was hideous. I mean, WTF:

I also like real people:

Oslostil. Every boy I know could dress like this. Only they don't.

Facehunter. Not usually a fan of his photos (or taste), but as far as I am concerned this boy is dressed perfectly.

The Sartorialist. Possibly not exactly "real" people.

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