Thursday, 3 January 2008

it keeps coming til the day it stops

Dear me, I just love Jil Sander. Or Raf Simons, for that matter. The shapes are all so clear, it all looks so well-made and simple. I'm so sick of patterns and everybody throwing on wildly-patterned dresses and blouses. But of course, I do it too, so I'm not one to complain.

We're watching "House of Cards" in the evening these days. It's a BBC-series from the early 90s (I think). The plot revolves around Francis Urquhart, a politican who literally does everything to become (and later, to stay) Prime Minister. There are only three seasons with four episodes each and the first two seasons have been quite chilling, really. Entertaining, too. Someone said that Austrian television would never produce a TV series like that, as in, obviously imitating real politicans. You see, it's all about the Tories post-Thatcher and it's very well done indeed, even the Royal family is a perfect imitation. As I get a kick out of politics, especially the Anglo-American stuff, this is perfect entertainment - almost. The primaries in the US are even better, of course. Can't wait to see how Iowa turns out tomorrow. I thought it was all headed towards obvious ends, i.e. Clinton for the Democrats (though who knows what the Republicans are up to these days), but then I remembered how Howard Dean lost in Iowa four years ago. Had almost forgotten it. Am glad I won't have to vote for anyone.

I caught up with a couple of old friends in the past days. Andrei gave me a compilation of all the artist he has "signed" to his new record label, Problembär records. It's so admirable that he went through with this! It was great to see him again, but that was to be expected.
Gottfried and I had a rather interesting and slightly distressing discussion about various subjects. It was stimulating, to say the least. He seems to think that American politics are more honest than in Austria though, which, to me, seems nothing but ridiculous.

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