Friday, 21 December 2007



I had a great day - even though my brother Nikolaus and I spent the whole afternoon shopping for Christmas presents in packed shops. It's just that once again I'm absolutely in love with Vienna, it's just so pretty right now! We managed to find almost everything we wanted. The highlight must have been our trip to Lush. It smells really wonderful, for one thing, and then there were the shop assistants who were still in a good mood after a long day. They were playing Feist and Kings of Convenience and everyone was humming along, and then they put "Last Christmas" on and literally half the shop started singing along. It's a great song, once you get over how it's been played to death.


  1. heey!
    ach die musik ist super - das ist jetzt gerade so das richtige! abgesehen davon das es natürlich weihnachtlich ist, freu ich mich gerade so über neue musik, weil ich in letzter zeit überhaupt nichts neues mehr gehört habe...
    und gut dass du jetzt ein bog hast - du postest schöne fotos!
    schönen abend!