Monday, 3 December 2007


Hahaha! I remember why I liked them so much. They haven't lost their charme.

Really looking forward to the Oscar Wilde biopic on TV tonight. Jude Law as Bosie! Should be so good!

Today I had a lecture about Augustinus and it was actually immensely interesting. So it was he who rejected the body and claimed that we're all part of Adam's original sin. The professor told us that Augustinus' main rival pointed out that he had been a Manichaean in the past which is a pretty interesting argument. Manichaeism, as far as I can remember, sees the world parted into good and evil - the soul is the good part, whereas everything to do with the body is evil. I should have connected the links earlier. Manichaeism, Christians, Bogomils. Hm.

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