Monday, 31 December 2007


January: The new year started with friends and my brother and I was happy. The rest of the month was all about revision.

February: A month of holidays, my mother and I went to Munich. I don't like Februaries.

March: My 20th birthday. I vaguely remember having a great time in March.

April: We went to Stockholm where it was so cold that I got ill within a day, thus dampening the pleasure of being in Sweeedeen. April was great though, I recall watching the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice a lot.

May: The end of something. I think I've lost parts of my brains in May. It was also the start of a friendship I value greatly, even though it seems to have disappeared since the beginning of December. But suddenly, going to university was exciting.

June: I remember that rain vividly. June was a weird month, all about resettling into life. It was also a confusing time at university, but I got through it.

July: I greatly enjoyed the first month of holidays. I started working at the museum which turned out to be a lot of fun - at least sometimes. The rest of my family left the country, so I was on my own for a couple of weeks during an intense heatwave. I hung out in our garden wearing t-shirt dresses and rereading Harry Potters. It was definitely one of the best months of the year and I noticed how bloody easy it is to be happy. Then the new Harry Potter came out and I mourned Snape and Lupin.

August: More holidays, more museum, some romance, some mountains, and most importantly Utrecht. That, to me, was all about sitting on the back of a bike, listening to music, watching films, looking out of trains, watching Quinten and David talk and feeling content.

September: Back to Vienna. Not a good month. The feet above belong to a friend and me, this friend caused me some misery, but also some good times.

October: That was all about saying goodbye to summer and enjoying the last warm days. University started again and I began meeting another friend regularly which resulted in great days with lots of talking and wandering around. Apart from that, life was dull.

November: was extremely intense. Incredibly great days versus incredibly shit days. In the end, only the memories of the great times will remain, I suppose, so it was worth it.

December: The year ends in a rahter sad way and seems to be filled with abscence instead of presence. However, I'm going to the traditional fondue with half my family tonight, so I'm content. There's nothing more important than that, after all: The family, people you can be yourself with. And good food. And, apart from that, things one values and I think I have learned a lot about what I value this year. Even though I'd prefer things to be different right now, I'm so intensely sure of what makes me happy and what doesn't that everything else seems trivial in comparison.

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