Friday, 9 November 2007

only a love letter away

Yay yay yay coats!

Nikolaus said I look like a Fiakerfahrer, wearing that cape.
Anyway, I do love my new coat, it's mod-ish and warm and not too girly which is all I want in a coat.

Today I failed in doing anything productive due to certain odd circumstances. My plan to copy lots of stuff I have to read for university failed because my time management went pear-shaped at some point after I had left home. First I ran into my brother Nikolaus and we decided to spend money on various chocolatey goods. Then we took photos in the rainy tristesse that Ottakring was today.

Gotta love my brother's freckles. I'm really enjoying the chocolate.

We then bought various other stuff I need for my oh-so-extensive beauty routine (haha). At some point I did manage to jump onto the tramway, it must have been about 1 o'clock already. When I finally arrived at university and slowly climbed the endless stairs, a young man almost ran into me. Turned out to be a friend. We talked about squash and chocolate for about an hour, I gave him an Ovomaltine chocolate bar and kept him from having lunch. When we finally said goodbye, I realised he had also kept me from my copying mission. The department had already closed. I went home.

Lately I've been once again falling for good old indie-pop. Not that my taste for pop had ever disappeared. But the various mp3's from the wonderful indie mp3 are again on repeat.
In other news, Ivo Andric' "Die Brücke über die Drina" is really good, however it's also slightly horrible to read about impalement. Never wanted to know the details about that, thank you very much.

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